Misguided Spirits is a collection of outcasts, wanderlusts, and happily discontent. Inspired by the rogues of earlier times who organized the misguided and gave them a voice, a community, and a stiff drink. For those who enjoy questionable decisions join the misguided, we don't plan on saving the world, but we may save your neighborhood, one corner bar at a time.
Grown Man’s Gin
Bath House John’s Grown Man Gin Even those from the wrong side of the street dress up well. Strong with a bit of edge, Grown Man American Dry Gin is the broken hero that stands...
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White Crook Vodka
Howe and Hummel’s White Crook Vodka Enticing as the untethered promises of a Snake Oil Salesman, yet smooth and refined as unreformed conmen. White Crook Vodka is as morally bankrupt as the world’s most premium...
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Workingman’s Whiskey
Hinky Dinks Workingman’s Rye Whiskey At the end of the day, you simply want a whiskey that doesn’t kill you or rob you blind. Workingman’s good old fashioned Rye Whiskey made, owned and sold by...
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There is a limited number of drinks that we will enjoy in this short life, so lets make them count. The following are some cocktail recipes courtesy of our friends and family. We hope you enjoy them as mush as we did. If you have one that you would like to share please feel free to send us an email and we will add to our collection.
The Kylie Cat
This drink was the midnight inspiration of a late night with co-workers when we tried to create a signature drink for each person we were with. This was by far the winner of the night, but after some clear thinking...
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Working Man’s Old Fashioned
My personal favorite cocktail is the Old Fashioned. It is simple, it has complex flavors, it is sophisticated enough to be enjoyed in many of the uncomfortable occasions we find our selves in. It is great at weddings, appropriate at...
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White Crook Martini
The Martini has always been a favorite of mine. It maybe because I watched to many James Bond movies as a kid, or because it was the first drink I was taught how to make when I started bartending. It...
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White Crook Sparkling Lemonade
There is nothing better than having friends and family over for Day Drinking. More sophisticated people call this a garden party, but they are essentially the same thing. I find that by making one or two different punches I can...
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The Mint Julep
Bar far one of my favorite cocktails. It is a simple cocktail, but often made wrong it can be a risky choice when ordering at a bar. My recommendation is make these at home when you want to sip something...
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The Workingman’s Mule
A twist on a classic for those that prefer whiskey, and want more than a whiskey and Ginger. Move past the fancy cup, and enjoy a sessionable drink that goes down easy. This drink works really well with Workingman's Rye...
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The Broken Hero
Named after a bad role model, and a good friend. The person I always looked forward to catching up with, and always knew I would regret it the next morning. We all have the friend that wants to hit one...
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