Our Story



A collection of outcasts, wanderlusts, responsible rogues and creative rakes.
Most people refer to us as the Service Industry, yet we see ourselves as the happily discontent who always think we can do better. We are drawn together by the belief, misguided or otherwise that 99% of Spirits Brands are owned by Billionaires or Global Corporations that don’t know or care about our bars or our neighborhoods.  These are simply data points for reports summarized in boardrooms. 

Misguided Spirits is the alternative to faceless corporations, make believe ad campaigns, and the false choice that high priced Craft Spirits are the only other option. Instead we offer the choice of purchasing directly from the person in front of you, a local independent operator. Each of us at Misguided Spirits is compensated from our sales, and operate as the owners of our business. Misguided Spirits is simply the collection of creative souls working together to create a more equitable approach for an industry that is for many of us our collective family.

Created first and foremost for bar tenders, we have combined the traditional distillation of natural grains with new-fangled molecular biology to create top-notch white and dark spirits intended to be the finest bottles in your well.

We think you’ll enjoy drinking them as much as you enjoy pouring them.


James Zinkand Founder and Most Misguided Having spent most of his life in a bar or on a bicycle. James has made his way across four continents setting up bars, mixing drinks, and slinging brand propaganda. The idea about creating a spirits company focused on the Service Industry has been haunting him for the better part of a decade. After many late night planning sessions involving scribbled plans on cocktail napkins Misguided Spirits became one of the best bad decisions of a life time.


Michael Anzalone A man who struggles through an addiction to Golf and a bad habit of selling booze to dive bars. A true King of Queens who has spent most of his adult life selling beer finally signed up for the hard stuff. An all around good guy, who is happy to help and do everything he can to make your business better.


Sean Graves A recovering Bar Tender and passionate Whiskey aficionado. Sean has put his passion of mixing drinks and hanging out in bars together to unleash Misguided Spirits on Long Island. Armed with a smile, and an endless energy he is the perfect guy to bump into at a bar. He will know just what you should order, and quite likely will pick up the tab.


Jon McMahon A serial entrepreneur who has been running night clubs and special events for the past 20 years. Tired of being told how to run his business by reps that cant mix a drink he joined misguided to reshape the industry. Jon’s passion for people rivals his absolute stubbornness about doing things the right way (at least some times). Always up for a beer and a longer conversation than you have time for Jon is one of those people you never want to forget.