The Broken Hero

Named after a bad role model, and a good friend. The person I always looked forward to catching up with, and always knew I would regret it the next morning. We all have the friend that wants to hit one last bar, and try one last drink, and this drink is named after them. This drink is was created at an airport bar in an effort to cure a night of amazing cocktails, a series of questionable actions, terrible dancing and nude swimming on a public beach. I believe the color of the drink reminded us of the sunrise coming over the water, and the blend of Grapefruit Juice and soft botanical Gin eased any regrets as we laughed at a night that would be impossible to repeat. Here is thinking of you Mr. Henry!

2 Parts Grown Man Gin
1 Part Simple Syrup
3 Parts Grapefruit Juice
Squeeze of Lime
Topped off with club soda
Served over Rocks in a tall Collins Glass