Bathhouse John's Well Dressed Gin

Even those from the wrong side of the street dress up well. Strong with a bit of edge, Well Dressed American dry Gin is the broken hero that stands out in any drinking occasion.

Well dressed with plenty of flavor, Well Dressed Gin boasts hints of Juniper, Lavender, and a touch of citrus with a light crispness that softens as the botanicals open up to recreate an early spring morning with every sip.

Inspired by John “Bathhouse” Coughlin who worked his way up from bathhouse Massuer to one of the most notorious Alderman in Chicago’s history. Bathhouse and his partner, Mike “Hinky-Dink” Kenna ruled the South Side Levee district, a veritable den of inequity where prostitution and gambling flourished and Bathhouse and Hinky-Dink reigned supreme. In addition to politics Coughlin was known for his outlandish fashion, eccentric poetry, and horse racing, a misguided man of many talents. Versatile, just like his Well Dressed Gin.