Howe and Hummel White Crook Vodka

Enticing as the untethered promises of a Snake Oil Salesman, yet smooth and refined as unreformed conmen. White Crook Vodka is as morally bankrupt as the world’s most premium vodka brands at half the price.  

Inspired by the infamous NYC law firm Howe and Hummel. They were lawyers who defended criminals and they were criminals who practiced law. They happily gave voice to murderers, thieves and prostitutes.  Best summed up as a less moral version of Robin Hood, they enjoyed defending criminals while fleecing the rich.  Their crime of preference was blackmail, and their pro-bono legal defense of the cities prostitutes gave them plenty to work with.

Appearance: Clear as stream water. 

Aroma: Clean, with slight hints of toasted cereal. 

Taste: Smooth to the tongue, with a slight sweetness and hint of cracked pepper.

Finish: A light clean finish.

Hinky Dink’s Workingman’s Rye Whiskey

At the end of the day, you simply want a whiskey that doesn’t kill you or rob you blind. Workingman’s good old fashioned Rye Whiskey made, owned and sold by working men and woman like you.

Inspired by the infamous Chicago Alderman Hinky Dink Kenna and his Workingman’s Saloon. Besides serving inexpensive drinks and free lunch, he also provided cheap lodging for down-and-outers. In return these patrons could be counted on to vote as he directed starting the vote early, vote often reputation of Chicago elections. 

Appearance: Rich like warm caramel.

Aroma:  Comforting and familiar, with hints of molasses, vanilla and dried orange peel.

Taste: Warming with lingering flavors of vanilla, caramel, and Brown Sugar.

Finish: Flavors melt into a lingering sweetness with hints of spiciness from the Rye Mash.

Bathhouse John’s Grown Man Gin

Even those from the wrong side of the street dress up well. Strong with a bit of edge, Grown Man American Dry Gin is the broken hero that stands out in any drinking occasion.

Inspired by John “Bathhouse” Coughlin who worked his way up from a bathhouse Masseur to one of the most notorious Alderman in Chicago history.  Bathhouse and his partner Mike “Hinky-Dink” Kenna ruled the South Side Levee District. A veritable den of iniquity where prostitution and gambling flourished. Thanks to an ingenious ‘Insurance’ racket that helped people of questionable reputation keep out of jail organized crime flourished and Bathhouse and Hinky-Dink reigned supreme.

Appearance: Clear as a crystal stream. 

Aroma: Clean, with hints of Juniper, Lavender, and a touch of Citrus.

Taste: A light crispness that softens as the botanicals open up to recreate an early spring morning on the tongue.

Finish: A light Bouquet of spiciness that compliments an almost effervescent finish.