Misguided Spirits


Red Sky Rum is blended using the finest Rums in Venezuela, from the Tiuna, Yaracuy, and CIFE distilleries. Expertly blended to achieve optimal balance of flavor, depth, and smoothness. Our Silver Rum is this blend in its purest from.

We bring both rums to proof with soft water and Caribbean Sea Salt to enhance their rich and bold flavors.

Inspired by Gertrude Lythgoe, a head strong woman from NYC who set up shop in the Bahamas during prohibition, importing the good stuff into the states. Known for only buying and selling the best liquor available she used a pistol and a straight blade to maintain her reputation. Wanting to beat the smugglers jinx, she left her one true Love the “Real” Bill McCoy and smuggling partner at sea to sail off into the sunset to live life on her own terms.