Misguided Spirits

Howe & Hummel's Crooked Vodka

Enticing as the untethered promises of a Snake Oil Salesman, yet as smooth and refined as unreformed conmen. Crooked Vodka is as morally bankrupt as the world’s most premium vodka brands at half the price. 

Our crystal-clear vodka is 6x distilled, smooth to the tongue with a slight sweetness and a hint of cracked pepper with a light and clean finish that will compliment any cocktail.

Inspired by the infamous crooks of the NYC law firm, Howe and Hummel. They were lawyers who defended criminals and they were criminals who practiced law. They happily gave a voice to thieves and prostitutes in exchange for the secrets of those in power to extort as they saw fit. Best summed up as a less moral much more misguided version of Robin Hood.