Working Man’s Old Fashioned

My personal favorite cocktail is the Old Fashioned. It is simple, it has complex flavors, it is sophisticated enough to be enjoyed in many of the uncomfortable occasions we find our selves in. It is great at weddings, appropriate at funerals, it works for company get togethers (albeit some times to well). However most of all, it is the perfect drink when kicking back with a friend to catch up on what is going on. When we were working on the recipe for Hinky Dinks Workingman’s Rye Whiskey, we wanted to accomplish two things. We wanted a Whiskey that could be enjoyed by non whiskey enthusiasts, you know – regular people. We also wanted to make sure that Workingman’s would blend well when making a proper Old Fashioned. Now I don’t want to make anyone made by disrespecting the addition of fruit in the drink, what I mean by this is that the Whiskey had to stand on its own without the addition of other flavors to prop it up, or tone it down. The taste profile of Workingman’s has a bit of burnt caramel, with slight hints of molasses that open up when mixed with the bitters and sugar. The following is my approach to the Workingman’s Old Fashioned. If you choose to add orange, or other fruits feel free – who am I to judge.

Start by adding a nice sugar cube to the glass. My preference is raw brown sugar, it has more flavor than white sugar, if you don’t have raw brown sugar cubes, you can use 1tsp of brown sugar. Once the sugar is in the glass add the bitters to the sugar making sure there is enough to allow the sugar to break down when muddled. Once the sugar is broken down, add the Workingman’s and swirl it around the glass a few times letting the sugar dissolve into the warm whiskey. Add a large ice cube to the glass (or multiple smaller ones if that is what you have), and stir a dozen times to chill the drink and blend it with some of the melting ice to allow the whiskey to open up.

  • 1 Sugar Cube in the Raw or 1 tsp Brown Sugar
  • 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • 3 ounces Workingman’s Rye Whiskey